Your Privacy

At Aramark, we believe that understanding what our customers want for products, services and information is an important part of building an interesting and useful online environment. We’ve designed our site with this belief in mind, and we’ve created this privacy statement so that you have easy access to information about our privacy practices.

About our privacy practices
Aramark has a strong tradition of providing quality service. At Aramark, our goal is not only to carry on this tradition, but also to provide an experience that is unique to the dynamic capabilities of the World Wide Web.

Part of achieving this goal involves working with information that helps us understand what customers want when they visit We do this in two ways. First, we analyze customer information in aggregate - that is, we collect information about thousands of site visits and analyze it as a whole. This information, centered around how customers navigate through the site and place orders, is in the form of "clickstream data" and/or data gathered via pixel tags. In this kind of study, we look for trends among many visitors to rather than analyze information about any individual customer.

Second, we may use information gathered during your visit to help customize our communications with you. For instance, if you choose to view or buy a pair of hiking boots at, we might offer you a link to related products the next time you visit us online, or we might send you our latest Outdoors catalog by mail.

In the end, we hope to tailor our communications with you to fit your needs - so that you receive more of what you want from us and less of what you don’t want.